History & architecture

For 101 years, this impressive country house in an ideal setting has looked out over Lake Constance, the Appenzell Alps and the Canton of Thurgau. The cantonal authority responsible for the preservation of historical monuments deemed the Mammertsberg a “valuable” property and provided the establishment with constructive assistance during the two-year renovation period from 2011 to 2013.

Tilla Theus, the Swiss architect responsible for the renovation work who, among other things, designed the new FIFA headquarters in Zurich and was responsible for the reconstruction of the five-star Hotel Castello del Sole in Ascona, wanted to return the house to its original form and aesthetics following the various alterations of previous decades. Using old photos and postcards, the painted roof and facades were restored to their former glory while the roof tower, destroyed by fire, was also rebuilt.

The old character of the original building is heightened by the entirely different form and persona of the new Monolith building. In the shade of bamboo canes, the passageway between the old and new buildings also houses the establishment’s award-winning open kitchen.